The Tartarus Key – What horrors lurk in the shadows?

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SteamNintendo SwitchPlayStation 4HorrorAdventure
Vertical Reach
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Escape a dark mansion filled with deadly traps, bizarre puzzles... and cameras following your every move.

As Alex Young, you awaken to find yourself trapped in a dark room - and your only guide: a cynical voice on the other end of a portable radio. As you move from room to room, solving puzzles and rescuing others like yourself, team up with everyone from a self-important conspiracy theorist to a detective with secrets of her own. It quickly becomes apparent that there is something truly rotten lurking at the heart of this place. But who - or what - lurks in the shadows of this mansion, monitoring your every move?


Escape Your Captivity
Escape Your Captivity
Solve puzzles and partner up with fellow captives to escape the twisting halls of the mansion.
Choices Matter
Choices Matter
Choose to rescue your fellow captives, or leave them to whatever grisly fate awaits them.
Discover the Truth
Discover the Truth
Who brought you here and what purpose did they serve in bringing you all together?

About The Game

Retro-inspired tension

Inspired by the look and feel of classic horror games, The Tartarus Key serves up a mystery filled with twists and turns, and more than a few deadly surprises. Rely on brains over brawn to help Alex survive, The Tartarus Key is an atmospheric adventure that relies on puzzles and plot instead of combat or chase sequences. Consider your choices carefully, as there are multiple endings for Alex's story, some of which are more tragic than others.


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About The Developer

Vertical Reach is an award winning independent game development studio consisting of Leonor Parra and Kevin Colegate based in sunny Portugal.
Vertical Reach