Fan Content Policy

At Armor Games Studios we're equally inspired by the work of fans of our titles. We also recognize the importance of creators and influencers big and small, and the passion and creativity energy they bring to the world. We keep our rules fairly simple and we appreciate you taking the time to take a look:

What is Allowed?

What is Not Allowed?

Please credit our devs when you can! Properly credit the developers for their hard work, share their Twitter (and other socials), or better yet provide a link to the game's official website or store page. We appreciate you wanting to share our games with your audience.

These guidelines do not grant any proprietary rights or licenses as it pertains to using any Armor Games Inc intellectual property or any developer's intellectual property published by Armor Games Inc. Armor Games Inc (and its developers) reserve the ability to issue a formal takedown request for any content that infringes either Armor Games Inc or any developer's intellectual property rights.

These guidelines are subject to change. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.