Armor Games Studios is a loving group of talented and enthusiastic folks publishing wonderful games on PC, console, mobile, VR, and beyond.

Our Beginning

In 2004 we opened the popular Flash games website, which led us to work with an incredible array of talented independent creators - even before they were called indies!

We expanded into publishing in 2011 to support them and others, with a focus on building supportive, sustainable pathways for making games (which you can learn more about on our publishing page).

Studio Highlights

To date, we’ve launched over 25 amazing titles across PC, console, and mobile, including The Last Stand: Aftermath, Bear & Breakfast, Swords & Souls: Neverseen, and more.

We remain wildly independent, excited about games and developers, and driven to be the best version of what we think the games industry should be: kind, cooperative, and inclusive.

Our Core Values



We're kind to each other and ourselves.

We believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and we work hard to be inclusive, lifting voices that need to be heard. We practice self-care and strive to enable sustainable game development for ourselves as well as our developers.



We do things right, even when it’s challenging or difficult.

Trust is vital to our company. From the moment we meet a game developer to the day we push their game live, developers trust us with their art and vision. We strive to be the company that does right, whether it is seen or unseen.



We build incredible experiences that set a high bar in excellence.

We care about the quality of our work, and how important it is to create amazing games. Our players know they’re going to have a memorable time from title screen to credits screen.

Studio History

Daniel McNeely opens as a small Flash game website featuring just a handful of games.

The Armor Games Office opens in Irvine, California, with the first employee (John Cooney) being brought on-board to make Flash games for Armor Games. grows quickly! By the height of the Flash Games renaissance, became one of the largest Flash Game communities on the internet, focused on a hand-curated, supportive approach to its content. Games like Crush the Castle, Achievement Unlocked, The Last Stand, Gemcraft, and others become some of the most played games on the internet, ever. The team continues to grow and moves into a larger office.

Armor Games launches its first mobile game, Crush the Castle, ushering in the beginning of publishing for Armor Games.

Armor Games launches its first PC title, Super Chibi Knight. Armor Games would soon go on to launch games like The Adventure Pals, Pinstripe, and Gemcraft: Chasing Shadows.

Upon the success of publishing on mobile and PC, the company builds an adjacent brand, Armor Games Studios, with a focus on building up a positive, sustainable publishing experience for developers. Justin Snow leads the Studios team into its first of many successful PC and console launches. weathers the end-of-life for Flash by continuing to provide working content and helping port titles to PC and other platforms. Not bad for a 15 year-old platform!
The entire company moves to a fully-remote setup during the pandemic, and makes the decision to go permanently remote by 2021.

John Cooney becomes CEO of Armor Games. Armor launches its 25th PC title, The Last Stand: Aftermath, our most successful title to-date. Armor expands into VR, new publishing regions like Japan, and into physical/retail sales.

We have so much more to do.

Armor Games launches Bear and Breakfast, our largest collaboration to date. Our Team size grows and we return to in-person events for the first time since the pandemic.

Meet Our Team

Ivan Stanijic's Avatar

Ivan Stanijic

Sr. QA Associate | He/Him

With an eye for detail and boundless enthusiasm, Ivan works tirelessly to help test and provide feedback for our games early on.

Tasselfoot's Avatar


Master Game Wizard | He/Him

10 year indie game industry veteran who specializes in playing, breaking, and fixing games. Since 2012, Tass has championed and overseen the launch of hundreds of web titles.

Michelle Lega's Avatar

Michelle Lega

Senior Producer | She/Her

Michelle supports our indie teams as senior producer, bringing a high level of care, organization, and love of small cute animals to the team.

Gabrielle Nguyen's Avatar

Gabrielle Nguyen

Senior Release Manager | She/Her

Gabrielle is our senior release manager, bringing a tireless positivity, creative care, and keen eye for detail to our team from her background as a producer.

Ariana Perry's Avatar

Ariana Perry

Marketing Manager | She/Her

Ariana is our marketing manager and honorary space cowboy. She aims to uplift developers, celebrate games, and spread kindness, 280 characters at a time.

Jen Taclas's Avatar

Jen Taclas

QA Associate | They/Them

Jen is our QA Associate! They help us find the tiniest of bugs because they are the strongest of us all.

Lance McNearney's Avatar

Lance McNearney

Lead Software Engineer | He/Him

Lance handles web development and infrastructure for all of our websites. He has over 20 years of experience in software development across a variety of technologies and industries.

Daniel McNeely's Avatar

Daniel McNeely

CEO/Founder | He/Him

The passionate owner and founder of Armor Games, Dan is a publisher with a drive and enthusiasm to bring even more great indie games into the world.