Swords & Souls: Neverseen – Your legend awaits in this addictive action-RPG.

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Soul Game Studio
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June 5th 2019 (Kartridge), July 22nd 2019 (Steam, GOG)
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Swords & Souls: Neverseen

It's your hero. Your legend. Craft your own unique hero and send them out into the dangerous world of Neverseen, where great riches, mysterious secrets, and powerful treasures await you... if you can defeat the monsters standing in your way. Blending combat where you must block, dodge, and attack in real-time with classic RPG mechanics and unique minigames, Swords & Souls: Neverseen will keep you hooked and coming back for more.

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Addictive Stat-Training Minigames
Addictive Stat-Training Minigames
Dodge attacks, sling magic, shoot a bow and more in these fun multi-layered minigames that will keep you coming back.
Hordes of Powerful Enemies
Hordes of Powerful Enemies
Dozens of encounters against goblins, golems, bandits, and all types of creatures await to test your skill.
Kick Back and Enjoy
Kick Back and Enjoy
Take a break with some fishing, or just tweak and enhance your home to make your legend feel truly your own.

About The Game

A World of Monsters and Treasures.

Beyond your sleepy seaside village is a map filled with dangerous encounters... and great rewards. Players will need to test their mettle against all kinds of enemies in real-time combat that tests their skills at blocking and dodging, earning powerful treasure and gold to upgrade their hometown. Each point on the map is a new challenge to test yourself against, and the Neverseen is filled with secrets if you can survive to reach them.

Hone Your Skills at Home.

Why settle for just grinding experience when you can get hands-on practice to improve? Play five unique minigames to improve your stats, each with new tiers to master, and use the spoils of your adventuring to upgrade your home's looks and benefits. Your town is filled with useful places, like a museum to fill, a market to browser, or a pond to fish at. You can even fill your homestead with pets, allies, or maybe even... romance?


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About The Developer

Soul Game Studio
Soul Game Studio is a European indie developer duo with a focus on addictive gameplay mechanics and modern twists on classic genres.
Soul Game Studio