Sonny – Undead. Unstoppable. Challenging turn-based RPG strategy.

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Krin Juangbhanich
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January 12th, 2017
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Sonny's back.

The beloved Flash RPG series played by millions lives again in an all-new adventure that's not a sequel or a simple remake. When Sonny returns from the dead without his memories, he finds himself caught between the conflict of a seemingly endless horde of mutated monstrosities and a mysterious paramilitary force. With the help of some unlikely allies, he will discover his destiny is greater than he expected, and maybe save the world. Sonny is a challenging turn-based, combat-focused RPG where unlocking and combining the effects of new skills and abilities is required to topple foes with an enormous amount of power.

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Engaging, Mysterious Story
Engaging, Mysterious Story
Uncover the truth behind Sonny and the creatures plaguing the world alongside a cast of imaginative characters.
Challenging, Tactical Gameplay
Challenging, Tactical Gameplay
Use brains, not brawn, to take down powerful bosses in turn-based combat designed to challenge your mind.
A Beautiful Presentation
A Beautiful Presentation
Stunning art by Jet Kimchrea and an original score by David Orr brings the game to life.

About The Game

Combat to make you think.

Unlike a traditional turn-based RPG, Sonny is created with strategy in mind. In fact, success depends on it. Many bosses and even regular enemies come packing serious power, and you'll need to master the new skills and mechanics you unlock to reach victory... with a little help from Sonny's uniquely talented friends, of course.

A strange and dangerous world to explore.

Just because the emphasis is on the combat doesn't mean Sonny lacks a story. As he journeys in search of his missing memories and identities, Sonny and his growing team of unlikely heroes will stumble across vast conspiracies and shadowy figures with their own agendas to uncover... if you survive.

What People Say

It's easy to play and dive into, but has a surprising depth to the combat.
I'll go as far as to say that I had a mini-revelation about what I expect from the RPG genre.
Sonny is still a brilliant and engaging RPG that doesn't hold your hand throughout.


Listen to Sonny on Band Camp

Composer David Orr brings you a soundtrack to save the world to in these atmospheric and cinematic tracks that are perfect whether you're exploring the jungle or punching a techno-beast in the face.


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About The Developer

From Flash to the Future.
Krin is a creator of iconic Flash series like Sonny and Sinjid for oven ten years, now crafting games for new platforms.
Krin Juangbhanich