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One Puzzle | Hundreds of Pieces

It started with a gl͏̡it̶̕c͘͟͜h ̨͘in the darkness. An ancient mechanism of peculiar purpose calling out. A puzzle of synths, shattered neon, and intricate interlocking systems. Only you can fix it, so relax, and remember: everything is connected.

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Explore an Ancient Machine Full of Puzzles
Explore an Ancient Machine Full of Puzzles
Decypher an interconnected series of over 150 rooms. Every solution opens new routes to explore.
Enjoy an Original Synthwave Soundtrack
Enjoy an Original Synthwave Soundtrack
Every pulse of light is timed to the rhythm of dynamic, retro beats designed specifically for SOLAS.
Manipulate Colours No Matter How They Appear
Manipulate Colours No Matter How They Appear
Additive glyphs make this colour based puzzle game colourblind-friendly by default.

About The Game

One from many.

SOLAS is a synthwave-infused puzzle game about directing pulses of light through a dark and damaged landscape. Synchronize the rhythmic movement of sprawling, neon clockwork as you learn to understand the rules of this broken world and the strange glyphs that control it. Though comprised of colour-based puzzles, SOLAS has been designed from the ground up to be colourblind-friendly.

From many, one.

SOLAS is made up of a single, constantly simulated, seamless world. One puzzle, hundreds of pieces. The initial pulses emitted from the logo flow through every puzzle. Each room solved serves as a smaller piece of a greater whole. Every gate opened unlocks new paths to explore. Explore the dark enough and maybe, just maybe, you'll discover how to fix it...


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About The Developer

Amicable Animal
A one person studio — part-time lecturer, part-time games developer, full-time tea drinker. He loves combining old-school mechanics with minimalist, modern game design. SOLAS is his first commercial game.
Amicable Animal