Soda Dungeon – A fresh and fizzy free RPG adventure for everyone.

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Afro-Ninja Productions
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October 7th, 2015
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Pop the top on another round of adventure.

Manage your team of adventurers as you raid the local dungeon for treasure! Upgrade your tavern, purchase new sodas, and attract new party members. Gold, legendary items, and more await you! With huge golems, interdimensional beings, demons, monster lobsters, and much, much more to slay, the only thing that ISN'T standing in your way is a pay wall... Soda Dungeon is completely free to play, with no frustrating timers, lives system, or anything that might get in the way of a thirsty traveler's dungeon delving.

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If You Build it, They Will Come
If You Build it, They Will Come
Use your dungeon loot to improve your tavern and sling new sodas to lure different classes to hire.
Hands On or Off
Hands On or Off
Classic turn-based or automatic RPG combat lets you control the action, or sit back and let the loot roll in.
Ooo, Pretty Colors...
Ooo, Pretty Colors...
Vibrant pixel-art and a catchy soundtrack combine to make Soda Dungeon candy for your eyes and ears.

About The Game

Business is booming.

For a little taste of their favorite brew, heroes brave goblins, demons, lobsters and more to bring home the treasure for you to sell away and improve your establishment. Unlock new sodas to entice different character classes, enlist the aid of the wizard to expedite your adventures, visit the arena, and maybe even travel to new dimensions.

Old-school feel with a casual approach.

Soda Dungeon evokes classic retro consoles thanks to a bright and creative design by, but it plays with the modern gamer in mind. Combat can be played in traditional turn-based style, or automated like an idle game, and unlike other free titles, you'll never encounter a single timer or pay-wall. Play the way you want, as much as you want, and enjoy cross-platform save transfer to move from your desktop to your mobile device with ease.

What People Say

Why risk life and limb searching the depths of a dark and dangerous dungeon for treasure when you can get a group of soda addicts to do it for you?
It manages to keep its light soda pop flavor while offering just enough bite to make you want to savor the taste.
Soda Dungeon is brilliant and unfathomably addictive. I am over fifty hours of playtime in and I am still hopelessly addicted and loving Soda Dungeon.


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About The Developer

Afro-Ninja Productions
Shawn Tanner has been developing games of all types for over a decade.
Afro-Ninja Productions