A Rogue Escape – Learn to pilot this mechanical colossus or die trying

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Spare Parts Oasis
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June 10th 2021
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ESRB Rating
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Your plan was simple - steal a nauticrawl, evade capture, and make a break for freedom.

Now all you have to do is execute. Surrounded by unfamiliar buttons, levers, and monitors you stand at the helm of a stolen nauticrawl, a colossal machine you're not trained to operate. Learn to command this mechanical beast and maybe, just maybe you'll get off this rock.

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A Hostile Planet
A Hostile Planet
Only Royal Operators were meant to set foot in a nauticrawl. And now you've stolen one. Whoops.
Find What Works
Find What Works
Pull levers and flip switches as you learn to pilot a machine you were never meant to touch.
Hack What Doesn't
Hack What Doesn't
Leverage your wits to bypass systems and sentries as you make a break for freedom.

About The Game

Freedom Favors the Daring

A Rogue Escape drops you in opening moments of a bold, and possibly foolhardy escape attempt. There are so many, many, many things that can go wrong, and even after you get past the guards, the crushing atmosphere, the traitorous merchants, and the giant landsquids you'll still be trapped in a colossal machine you don't know how to pilot. But you won't be here anymore, and that fact alone is worth the risk.

What People Say

With challenge comes triumph, and I felt like an absolute genius when my craft finally started moving, shifting through the underwater tunnels like nobody’s business.


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About The Developer

The developer behind Spare Parts Oasis has been making games long enough to have released his first title on the Game Boy Color.
Spare Parts Oasis