Nauticrawl – Escape or die trying.

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SteamAdventureExplorationSci-FiAndrea Interguglielmi
Andrea Interguglielmi
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A risky escape aboard a mysterious machine

Enslaved on an unknown planet, a stolen Nauticrawl is your only hope of escaping the wretched life you were born into. But now that you're at the helm, you have a whole new set of problems. The craft is full of levers, buttons and gauges that make no sense to you. And even if they did, where would you go?

This stolen Nauticrawl is both your only chance of escape and the likely instrument of your demise. Sentinels are approaching, it's time to move!


Mysterious Devices
Mysterious Devices
Explore puzzle-like foreign contraptions and figure out how to pilot the mysterious Nauticrawl.
Escape Awaits
Escape Awaits
Talk with natives, hack devices, intercept messages, and chart a course for freedom.
Randomized Worlds
Randomized Worlds
Explore randomly generated maps while uncovering the lore and secrets of an unknown planet.

About The Game

A daring escape

Stealing a Nauticrawl with hopes of escape is indeed a move of desperation, though desperation may be all you've got. This machine is complex, difficult to maneuver, and the pilots hunting fugitives have years of training. But when you consider the alternative, the odds don't really matter. You will teach yourself to pilot the Nauticrawl or die trying.

Danger at every corner

Piloting a stolen Nauticrawl without proper training is risky enough by itself without the world at your throat. As you explore, you'll have to manage resources to keep your machine functioning while also hiding in plain sight from turrets, drones, and a host of other hostile creatures roaming about. Should you fail, you can only hope the dense atmosphere above grants you a painless ending.


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About The Developer

Andrea has been making games long enough to have released a title on the Game Boy Color.
Andrea Interguglielmi