Jet Lancer – Defy death and G-forces at supersonic speeds.

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Vladimir Fedyushkin
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A Mercenary's work is never done.

Jet Lancer is a frenetic aerial dog-fighting game where you hunt enemy pilots, carve up giant robots, and defy death at supersonic speeds as a daring mercenary in the far future.


Target Rich Environment
Target Rich Environment
Acquire new weapons and customize your jet's loadout to fit your personal play style.
Giant. Robots.
Giant. Robots.
Battle ancient war machines around the world.
Through the Fire and Flames
Through the Fire and Flames
Your jet is always under fire, but as an ace pilot that's no problem.

About The Game

No Ordinary Ordinance

A state-of-the-art fighter jet is only as good as it's pilot. Unlock its potential and soar to new heights as you acquire new weapons and customize your loadout with everything from unmanned drones to explosive rounds.

We're gonna need a bigger jet...

The world is on fire and it might be your fault. Colossal war machines are reawakening, air pirates brawl over scrap metal, and you just sunk a $22,000,000,000,000 aircraft carrier by accident. Journey around the world cleaning up these messes the only way you know how: by blowing them up.


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About The Developer

Vladimir Fedyushkin
From a young age Vladimir was more interested in learning how games are made rather than playing them. A string of random events in his life led him to game development as a career and he hasn't looked back.
Vladimir Fedyushkin