ITTA – A bullet-hell adventure of hope and horror.

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The world is big. Dangerous. Surreal. And you are alone. Or... almost. As Itta, you wake up to a nightmarish sight, surrounded by the bodies of your family. With only a mysterious floating cat by her side, Itta takes up her father's old revolver and sets out across a broken world for both revenge and answers. Journey through a world filled with macabre beauty and mythology with fast-paced and challenging bullet-hell style gameplay that will test your resolve and your skills, largely inspired by Zelda 1 and modern classics like Nuclear Throne and Titan Souls.


A Strange and Deadly World
A Strange and Deadly World
Explore a compelling but deadly world filled with danger and mysteries.
Dozens of Bosses
Dozens of Bosses
Go up against unique and monstrous bosses that will test your mettle.
Bullet-Hell Chaos
Bullet-Hell Chaos
Simple to pick up but tough to master twin-stick shooter combat.

About The Game

Horror and Wonder in Equal Measure.

ITTA features an opaque story told through NPCs and the environment that balances moments of horror with beauty as Itta searches for her family and answers. Explore a crumbling world whose secrets beg to be uncovered, but beware; this realm is anything but peaceful, and to reach the truth, your skills will be stretched to their limit. ITTA weaves a personal and compelling narrative throughout an experience that will challenge you every step of the way, rendered with beautiful minimalist pixel graphics and an atmospheric original soundtrack.

Become Death Incarnate.

Throughout the world are numerous weapons, each with distinct characteristics, changing how the player approaches enemies. Go toe to toe with bosses at once both monstrous and familiar, weilding both ranged and melee weapons in fast-paced bullet-hell combat. Learn when to dodge and when to strike to topple seemingly impossible odds in Itta's journey.


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About The Developer

Glass Revolver
Jacob Williams is a solo developer. ITTA is his first commercial release.
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