Islets – A surprisingly wholesome metroidvania!

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SteamAdventureExplorationKyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson
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August 24, 2022
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Take to the sky and reunite a fragmented world!

Iko is a hopeful aspiring warrior exploring the land and sky to reunite a series of floating islands. With his rickety airship, he must travel from island to island in order to reignite each one’s magnetic core while fighting off the many adversaries standing in his way.


Connect the Islands
Connect the Islands
Reignite each island's magnetic core to bring them all together and unlock new areas of the world to discover.
Befriend Charming Characters
Befriend Charming Characters
Make connections with the many interesting inhabitants of this world during the course of your adventure...but be careful around the creepy tour guide.
Defeat Terrifying Monsters
Defeat Terrifying Monsters
Face off against monstrous adversaries and tackle many hidden challenges strewn about the world.

About The Game

A surprisingly wholesome metroidvania

Islets is an adventure game about making connections with the people around you. By reuniting the islands and befriending a cast of charming characters, the world expands and reveals new parts of each area for Iko to explore. Scour every nook and cranny in order to collect the many upgrades hidden around this world and face its numerous hidden challenges!


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About The Developer

Kyle Thompson is a solo developer based out of Oregon. With his first full release Sheepo, Kyle explored the Metroidvania genre in a new light by introducing non-violent gameplay focused around collecting quirky animals. With the help of his brother, Eric, doing the soundtrack, Kyle is finding new and wonderful ways to iterate on this beloved genre.
Kyle Thompson