Don't Escape Trilogy – The original Don't Escape games in a single collection.

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July 29th 2019
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Classic adventures for fans old and new.

Relive past stories as Don't Escape Trilogy brings you the classic adventures of the popular web-based games. This bundle features the first three entries in the series by scriptwelder, each with their own unique story and twist in the escape-the-room genre. Whether you lock yourself away to protect a village, turn an abandoned building into a fortress against the undead or explore an eerily quiet spaceship to solve a terrible mystery, Don't Escape Trilogy provides the perfect adventures to spend a stormy night alone with the lights off. Hungry for more after finishing the trilogy? Continue on to Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive and experience a full-length, post-apocalyptic adventure.

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Ominous atmosphere
Ominous atmosphere
The creepy and classic pixel art will have you watching for dangers at every corner.
Mind-stimulating puzzles
Mind-stimulating puzzles
Traditional point-and-click style gameplay for veterans and beginners alike.
Three classic adventures
Three classic adventures
Face a werewolf curse, an overwhelming zombie horde and a foreboding spaceship.

About The Game

Eerie, engrossing tales.

The unsettling pixel art and worlds from the original web-based games are preserved in this trilogy. Each entry is connected through scriptwelder's brand of suspenseful themes, meaning every story is independent and unique. As such, it makes this collection an excellent starting point for those seeking to get into the series for the first time or revisit its roots.

Traditional point-and-click adventures.

Exploration will be a key factor if you wish to improve your chances of success. Scour the surrounding area for anything that could be used to prevent you from harming the local townsfolk, protect your shelter from an oncoming zombie horde or discover clues to solve a gruesome mystery. Logic and composure will be your allies, especially as time starts to run out.


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About The Developer

What dreams may come.
scriptwelder has specialised in imaginative adventures, such as the popular Deep Sleep horror and Don't Escape games.