Deep Sleep Trilogy – All the original Deep Sleep games in one bundle.

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October 25th, 2019
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A classic nightmare returns.

Dive back into the classic horror story of dreams and shadows in the Deep Sleep Trilogy. This version collects and preserves all three entries of the original series into one single collection for fans old and new. Follow the tale of someone attempting to control their dreams, only to uncover a place of nightmarish creatures and mysteries. Explore this bizarre world in search of a way out through classic point-and-click adventure gameplay.

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Beautiful nightmares.
Beautiful nightmares.
The stylized pixel art and eerie atmosphere will bring your nightmares to life.
Use your wits.
Use your wits.
Solve puzzles and search the world of dreams for a way out of each surreal game.
A terrifying tale.
A terrifying tale.
Experience an unsettling story that will keep you captivated 'til the end.

About The Game

Nightmares turned real.

A story designed to make you tense and jump, rendered in a distinctive pixel-art style. Dive into horrifying dreams spanning across three games, following a story where things aren't always as it seems. The further you go, the more you will learn about the world around you, but knowledge has its price and there are consequences to messing with things beyond your understanding.

Puzzles, dreams and darkness.

In each game you will explore the strange places around you in search for a way to safety. The oppressing environments and haunting world will provide plenty of chills as you as you venture deeper, solving puzzles and contending with nightmarish dangers. Whether you're exploring a strange hotel, a dark forest or slimy sewers, you will face surreal yet intuitive obstacles in your pursuit of a way out of this terrible dream.


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About The Developer

What dreams may come.
scriptwelder has specialised in imaginative adventures, such as the popular Deep Sleep horror and Don't Escape games.