Cursed Treasure 2 – It's good to be bad! Addictive tower defense.

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September 24th, 2014
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Cursed Treasure 2

The songs may say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but when it comes to the forces of ultimate evil, glittering gems of ultimate power are near and dear to your heart. In this colourful blend of real-time strategy and tower defense, YOU are the villain as you must protect your magical gems from the hordes of heroes who seek to cart them off. Please and upgrade towers of demons, orcs, and the undead into unique buildings with powerful effects, and master devastating magical spells, to keep your treasure safe. With 24 levels and Night Mode for an added challenge, Cursed Treasure 2 offers hours of classic tower-defense gameplay with a twist.

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Defeat hordes of heroes.
Defeat hordes of heroes.
The forces of light come in more than one type! Ninjas can turn invisible, paladins pack heavy armor, birds fly over obstacles, and more.
Upgrade your towers.
Upgrade your towers.
Unleash the forces of darkness by enhancing each tower type of demons, orcs, and the undead along different upgrade tracks for special effects.
Challenge the night.
Challenge the night.
Think you're too dastardly for daytime? Play levels in Night Mode, where only the light shed by your towers helps show what enemies are on the way.

About The Game

It's good to be bad.

Why be the hero when you can be the villain? Weild incredible magical power to slay the incoming do-gooders as they march towards your gems in each level. Vaporizing an enemy where they stand helps you level up, but it also earns you valuable coins to build and upgrade your towers. Improve each type in a variety of ways, from shooting bolts of magical energy that slow or terrify foes, to scorching pools of lava that consume a wide area.

Outwit and overpower.

The heroes may have greater numbers, but you have the smarts and the spells to knock them down. Choose where to best build different tower types, as well as which natural resources to capture, in order to deal with every threat you face. As you get stronger, enhance your abilities to earn unique perks and skills, but don't get cocky. If the heroes manage to carry off all gems on a level, it's game over for you.


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About The Developer

IriySoft is a Russian-based indie development studio focused on making creative games that combine and twist genres.