Bilkins' Folly – Help Percy and his dog Drayton uncover a big family mystery in this charming adventure game!

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A boy, his dog, and an ominous family secret...

Percy’s on a quest to find his missing relatives, and he needs your help! Join him and his beloved dog Drayton as they adventure through a series of unusual islands, solve puzzles to uncover valuable treasure, and bring to light the foreboding family secret buried beneath it all.


Solve the Mystery
Solve the Mystery
Help Percy and Drayton hunt for treasure as they unravel the secret behind the Bilkins family's disappearances.
Hunt for Treasure
Hunt for Treasure
Use Percy's expert cartography skills to help you locate valuables and solve puzzles throughout your quest.
Pet the Dog
Pet the Dog
As Percy's bond with Drayton grows, your canine friend will learn new skills that will help you solve puzzles and uncover secrets.

About The Game

A swashbuckling adventure of epic pup-ortions

Bilkins’ Folly is a narrative adventure game about a boy and his dog. Team up with your canine best friend to uncover every nook and cranny of this region. With the help of Percy’s expert cartography skills, you can customize your map to help you solve puzzles and unlock other secrets.


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About The Developer

Webbysoft was formed in 2019 by solo Tasmanian game dev and high school teacher Luke Webster. His debut mobile title, Cracked Crusaders, was created as part of an overly elaborate lesson plan about the game development process. Based out of a small farm, Webbysoft's stories are inspired by a sense of geographical isolation, highlighting the importance of close bonds between humans and their animal companions.