Pitch Us Your Game

Are you an indie game developer looking for a publisher who would stop at nothing to help share your creative vision with a wide audience?

If that's the case, Armor Games Studios is excited to hear from you!

We know that game devs are super busy, so we’ve streamlined our submission process to make sure we get what we need to fairly evaluate your game while not burdening you with extra work.

Submission Guidelines

We appreciate your effort you put into your submission and do our best to respond to each one. Please compile the items below and email it to our team at pitch@armorgames.com.



  • Brief game summary
  • What you're looking for from us
  • Gameplay footage/trailer
  • Art or concept designs
  • Playable demo/prototype. Either a shareable file or eight game keys.


  • Tell us about your team!
  • Desired target platforms
  • Game development schedule
  • Budget and funding needs
  • Exciting news about your game

**Quick note! Pitching us your game doesn't guarantee that we'd both work together, or that an agreement has been reached. All your provided materials will not be shared with anybody outside our publishing team and only used for evaluation purposes.