About Us

We are a full-service indie publisher focused on building a supportive, creative environment for amazing developers.

Our Services

We were raised by the innovative and independent culture of Flash games, growing to become a modern indie publisher for PC, consoles, mobile, and beyond. We're still self-funded, truly guided by our unrelenting spirit to help independent developers make extraordinary games.

We provide our developers a variety of publishing services, and here's just where we start:


Guidance & Support

Whether it's diagnosing complex design problems or grabbing thoughts on a UI change, our team provides feedback and support every step of the way.


Development Funding

We can help bridge the gap in investment through a wide variety of funding levels based on your team's individual needs.


Comprehensive Marketing

We help untangle the challenges of marketing indie games, with guidance on trailer design, store pages, PR, influencers, social media strategy, show strategy, and more.


In-house QA

Our QA team combs meticulously through our games to weed out the most challenging bugs and to prep our developers for the complexities of console certification.


Localization & Global Launch

We can help you launch around the world through our language expertise and partners abroad.


Platform Support & Relations

We launch on all the PC, mobile, and console platforms, and always prepared for the next generations to come.


We believe in kindness, respect, and doing what's right.

We work tirelessly to ensure our developers are treated with an extraordinary amount of respect, trust, and care. We think the best game development is done when it's sustainable, fun, and rewarding.

Working with Armor has been a hugely positive experience, allowing for a freedom of creativity and the joy of working with kind, passionate people.
When I get asked about Armor Games Studios from other indie devs, I simply tell them how lucky I was to have a whole team of professionals giving me all I needed to succeed with my game.

Publish With Us

Publishing With Armor Games Studios

We’re always looking for teams to support, whether new or veteran. While we're open to all game pitches, historically our games are made by small teams developing for PC, console, and mobile.

Meet the Team

We're proud of our team Armor Games Studios, please meet everyone who makes us the publisher we are today:

Dora Breckinridge

Our Director of Games cares deeply about games and the people who make them. She oversees hiring, portfolio direction, and company culture in addition to acting as a producer.

John Cooney

John is our CEO, focusing on supporting our team and the developers we publish. He’s been in games for over 15 years, starting as an indie himself.

Sean McKenzie

Sean’s been on the art, design and programming sides of games, and now helps developers build and share their dream games as our VP of Operations.

Ivan Stanijic

With an eye for detail and boundless enthusiasm, Ivan works tirelessly to help test and provide feedback for our games early on as Senior QA.

Mike "Tasselfoot" Pollack

10 year indie game industry veteran who specializes in playing, breaking, and fixing games. Since 2012, Tass has championed and overseen the launch of hundreds of web titles.

Daniel McNeely

The passionate owner and founder of Armor Games, Dan is a publisher with a drive and enthusiasm to bring even more great indie games into the world.

Catherine Litvaitis

As our Community and Marketing Manager, Catherine’s love for games and the people who play them is matched only by her love for early 2000’s virtual pet websites.

Elza Vucane

Elza is our business development manager! She keeps us on our toes and things rolling with a great attitude and enthusiasm for everything indie.

Gabrielle Nguyen

Gabrielle is our release manager, bringing a tireless positivity, creative care, and keen eye for detail to our team from her background as a producer.