The Legend of Armor Games

For over a decade we’ve worked alongside the talented creators who pioneered Flash gaming, and as the future moves forward into more platforms, we want to bring them, and you, with us.

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Armor Games - PAX 2016

Past and Future

What comes to your mind when you think of a video game publisher? A shadowy figure watching you toil impassionately from above a stark factory floor? A volcano lair and a snow-white supervillain’s cat? Some hideous amalgamation of Hannibal Lecter and Scrooge McDuck? Well, our efforts to purchase a hollowed-out volcano for company retreats aside, we at Armor Games Studios want to change all that.

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Armor Games - PAX 2016

Developers and Creation

We love games and the people who make them, and we believe in protecting your game and your rights as the developer. We want to demystify the publishing process and work with you rather than calling the shots. We want to help give you the tools you need to succeed, from marketing to testing, artists to musicians, and of course, funding.

One size doesn’t fit all in our book, so we work with you to come up with a plan that makes sense for your needs and your project. If you want to work with us, reach out using the contact form linked below and take the first step. We're looking forward to hearing your story and making a masterpiece together.

We're looking to champion new games.

Armor Games Studios is a publisher seeking creative, promising new indie games. Contact us to pitch your title, and let's craft a new legend together.

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The Team

Daniel McNeely

The passionate owner and founder of Armor Games, Dan is a publisher with a drive and enthusiasm to bring even more great indie games into the world.

Sean McKenzie

Sean’s been on the art, design and programming sides of games, and now helps developers build and share their dream games as our senior producer.

Ryan Lowy

As passionate about games as he is about publishing them. Producer extraordinaire, and all-around awesome guy.

Ivan Stanijic

With an eye for detail and boundless enthusiasm, Ivan works tirelessly to help test and provide feedback for our games early on.

Larry Root

A long time web developer with Armor Games, Larry has worked to design, build and implement much of technology behind and its supporting services.

Dora Breckinridge

Journalist with a passion for strong narratives and creative minds. Handles editorials, press, and public relations while acting as a creative liaison for developers.

Justin "Ferret" Ramos

Justin is our director of game publishing, and has been with the company for years. His dedication and commitment to indie games runs deep.

Mike "Tasselfoot" Pollack

10 year indie game industry veteran who specializes in playing, breaking, and fixing games. Since 2012, Tass has championed and overseen the launch of hundreds of web titles.