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Mar 13th, 2017

Preview: The Big Journey

Get ready to fill up on adventure... and good food. The Big Journey is a tilt-controlled iOS adventure launching 3/16/17.

It’s a big world out there, and how better to experience it than to eat your way through it? Inspired by classic games and a sense of wonder, The Big Journey is a tilt-controlled, squishy kitty adventure for iOS launching March 16th, 2017. It’s a casual, relaxing game designed to make you smile… and maybe have your tummy rumbling a little, too.

Developed by Catfishbox and published by your Armor Games Studios, The Big Journey is all about Mr. Whiskers. He loves food, and especially the dumplings made by the talented chef, Mr. Choo. But when Mr. Choo goes missing one day, all Mr. Whiskers has to go on is a trail of dumplings that lead off into the distance. What’s a cat to do but set out in search of his best buddy… and fill his stomach up along the way, of course.

TBJ Mr Whiskers Whistle

The Big Journey draws inspiration from the mechanics of games like LocoRoco and Rolando, while focusing on providing an experience that’s accessible to everyone and big on storybook style. To play, you tilt your device from left to right and back again to turn the world on its side and roll Mr. Whiskers around, while tapping the screen makes him jump. Don’t worry, if you don’t like tilt controls, you can swap to simple onscreen buttons via the options! On your way to the exit in each stage, you’ll have to dodge or bounce into grumpy enemies to knock them out, gobble up bugs and dumplings to meet optional goals (or just make Mr. Whiskers full and happy), and seek out new friends who may be hiding off the beaten path.

TBJ Preview Deer Friend

If it sounds like a very cute and mellow game, well… that’s because it is! Catfishbox set out to make something that captured the spirit of what they enjoy in games, and something they felt would make people happy. That much should be apparent to anyone from a single screenshot, but the team is also especially proud of the game’s distinctive original ukelele soundtrack by Ukranian band Choconuts. After all, if you can’t tap your toes along the way, it’s hardly an adventure at all, is it? You can listen to a snippet of The Big Journey’s soundtrack and pre-order it on Bandcamp if you’d like to help support the developer.

The Big Journey launches on 3/16/17 on iOS for $1.99, with no ads or in-app purchases. An Android version along with localisation into other languages is on the way. We hope you’ll check out The Big Journey when it releases and let us know what you think!

TBJ Waterfalls GIF

For more on The Big Journey, visit the official page, and follow Catfishbox and Armor Games on Twitter. Press? Request a key through The Big Journey’s Press Kit!

The Big Journey

The Big Journey is a light-hearted, tilt-controlled casual adventure about finding good friends and good food.

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