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Apr 3rd, 2018

Now Available: The Adventure Pals

Out now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, The Adventure Pals is a joyous platforming adventure about friendships and hotdogs from Massive Monster.

Lovingly crafted by indie developers Massive Monster, The Adventure Pals is all about what happens when your birthday goes terribly wrong and your dear old dad is dad-napped by a maniac named Mr. B, who has been gathering the world’s old people for nefarious purposes. Together with Sparkles, the giraffe whose mighty neck and tongue can help you give enemies a beating and glide, and Mr. Rock, your pebble pal who can unlock a variety of useful abilities as you level up, you’ll need to travel the world to rescue your dad and find out what Mr. B is up to and put a stop to it.

Inspired by classics like Banjo-Kazooie and Castle Crashers with a Saturday Morning Cartoon aesthetic, The Adventure Pals combines hop-and-bop with hack-and-slash through 105 levels across 5 distinct worlds. Ever want to help a whale’s self-esteem? Take a side between toast and dinosaur? Do battle with the unspeakable Tikki Kitty of Tikki Kitty Cove? We got you covered!


Mario Brash at says, “Since platforming is effortless, it couples with combat to make for a seamless, action-packed experience. The madly receptive controls make for great pacing in every mini-adventure. Such fantastic pacing also makes The Adventure Pals an easy platformer to pick up and play, more so than its peers.” says “The Adventure Pals is a zany, off-the-wall 2D action-platformer that will put a smile on your face the entire time you’re playing it. The colorful art style pops off the screen and channels cartoons like Steven Universe or Adventure Time.”

Nath and Hollie with PlayStation Access say, “I played this and I basically lost my mind. It is the most amazing side-scrolling adventure platformer, think Adventure Time vibes with a slightly Scribblenauts aesthetic… It’s so much fun.”

The Adventure Pals

The Adventure Pals is an upcoming platforming RPG adventure from Massive Monster about friendship, giraffes, and hot dogs, coming in 2018 for desktop and consoles.

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