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Jul 25th, 2018

Now Available: Sushi Cat Words

Free for Android and iOS, Sushi Cat Words is an addictive casual word puzzle game featuring everyone's favorite blue feline.

8/3/2018: Our Sushi Cat contest is now over! Please be on the lookout for the winners announced soon!

Sushi Cat Words released this week on iOS and Android (YAY!) and to celebrate, we have a whole bunch of plush Sushi Cats to give away! Free to play, free to win, free to have a Sushi Cat of your own!

How do I win one of these, you ask? Easy! When playing Sushi Cat Words, there are hundreds of words for you to find. In addition to the main words for each level, there are several special, hidden words you can find as well! These hidden words can be used to get extra coins in-game and, for a limited time, can also be used to help you win one of our Sushi Cats!

Post a screenshot of some of the extra words you’ve found online with the hashtag #SushiCatExtraWords for a chance to win! And… well, that’s it! Winners will be notified via direct message. Entries accepted through August 3, 2018, and you can post as many times as you want!

You can download Sushi Cat Words for FREE on iOS or Android using the links below. Happy Hunting!

Sushi Cat Words has a simple premise; each level has a handful of letter tiles that can be unscrambled to form a list of words. Fill out that level’s list by figuring out what words remain to spell. Any words you create that aren’t on the list convert into bonus coins you can spend on extra hints if you get stuck! The game features not only hundreds of levels to start, with more coming in the future, but is completely free to play. Any purchase of the game’s optional hint coins also automatically removes ads! We hope you’ll get Sushi Cat Words free on iOS or Android now!

Sushi Cat Words

Hundreds of tasty word puzzle levels, free for iOS and Android!

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