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Jun 27th, 2019

Now Available on iOS: Void Tyrant

A free-to-play roguelike deck-building sci-fi RPG.

Hit or stand? You’ll need to decide what to do with the cards you’ve been dealt in Quite Fresh Games’ Void Tyrant, now available on iOS. Battle your way across the galaxy to go toe-to-toe with a seemingly unstoppable force, with over 500 cards to unlock, three strategic character classes, and a unique card-based battle system. This free-to-play title is supported with ads, but with a one-time purchase you can turn them off forever.

In Void Tyrant, players roll a character and journey from planet to planet as they make their way across the galaxy map. On each planet, they’ll have to contend with traps and monsters, but could also find valuable treasure, party allies, or other secrets. During combat, players and enemies take turns drawing cards from a deck, trying to get as close to a value of 12 without overloading. Win, and you can activate a variety of devastating or beneficial effects. Lose and you’ll take damage. If you get wiped out, well, just roll a new character and start again, benefiting from any of the unique permanent upgrades you may have earned.

Sporting beautiful, colourful art and a sci-fantasy vibe, Void Tyrant is built for replayability, whether you have a few minutes or a few hours to spare. Quite Fresh Games is Stefan Åhlin, the creator of iOS classic Ultimate Briefcase, and an indie veteran of studios like King and Nitrome. We hope you enjoy Void Tyrant, and consider helping us share the news!

Void Tyrant

A free-to-play sci-fi card-based RPG.

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