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Sep 16th, 2019

Now Available: Nauticrawl

An immersive, experimental escape on a hostile alien world.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of exploring an alien world inside a machine that is just as likely to kill you as it is carry you to safety, Andrea Interguglielmi’s Nauticrawl is for you. Now available on Steam for $14.99 with a 10% launch discount, the game is a unique experimental adventure that puts players inside the cockpit of the titular mechanical marvel where they must flip switches, hit buttons, and figure out how to safely and successfully pilot it. Get Nauticrawl on Steam here!

In a review, Polygon’s Cass Marshall said, “But this is also a product made by a single developer, and it successfully captures the tension of a big experience like Star Trek: Bridge Crew, which is quite the trick. It’s like savoring a small, delicious snack over a big buffet, which makes it a perfect palette cleanser for players going through longer campaigns in other games.”

In Nauticrawl, just getting the engines running will take trial and error, and staying alive as they try to manage the Nauticrawl’s systems while navigating an often hostile world from the cockpit, following a trail of clues, will be a challenge. But failure is just part of the process as you learn the ways of the machine and get farther and farther in your search for freedom, you’ll find Nauticrawl a challenging but rewarding experience.

With an immersive atmosphere designed to recreate the feeling of wonder and imagination you had as a child, dreaming of exploring new worlds and unlocking their secrets, Nauticrawl is an experimental and unique game that invites players to sit down, put on their head phones, and be transported to another world.Get Nauticrawl on Steam here!


Pilot a stolen machine to freedom with the controls at your fingertips in this unique, challenging atmospheric adventure.

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