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May 31st, 2018

Now Available: Love is Dead

A zombie puzzle adventure from the creator of the “i saw her” games, out now on Steam!

Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean romance has to end too. And just because you’re a zombie now doesn’t mean all you care about is the sweet, sweet flesh of the living. In Love is Dead , a zombie puzzle adventure from Curiobot, two newly minted undead heroes are about to take off on the journey of an un-lifetime when they crawl out of the grave and realize their family is never going to be complete without their pets. You’ll need to guide them through graveyards, crowded cities, tangled jungles, and much, much more to give them their happily ever-after. Check out Love is Dead now!

If you’re a member of the press or a streamer, please use this form to contact us about receiving a copy! Note that filling out this form does not guarantee you will receive one.

In Love is Dead, each level will have you controlling both of your zombie heroes, swapping back and forth between them as you try to navigate them to safely reunite. Optional goals like family photos or tasty pancakes see you on a globe-trotting adventure through graveyards, cities, an art gallery, a volcano, and beyond. With the ability to select the pronouns for both characters, hundreds of levels filled with surprises, and a whimsical, light-hearted approach to the zombie genre, Love is Dead is a fun and funny puzzle game for everyone that believes true love lasts forever… even beyond the grave. We hope you’ll check out Love is Dead and tell us what you think!


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