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Mar 23rd, 2020

Launching April 22nd: ITTA

An engaging, bullet-hell adventure about a displaced girl who wakes up all alone in an unknown, dangerous world.

Armor Games Studios is proud to announce the release date of ITTA - the highly anticipated boss-rush, atmospheric journey is coming to PC, and Nintendo Switch on April 22nd! Beautifully created by indie game developer Glass Revolver, this bullet-hell shooter will take you on an unforgettable adventure in a mysterious world, hiding away many secrets. Check out the trailer down below and make sure to wishlist ITTA on Steam!

Woken up in a seemingly peaceful world to find her family dead, a displaced girl must survive with nothing but her father’s revolver and a mischievous spirit cat as a guide. Join in as Itta battles and brawls head-to-head with eighteen powerful, challenging bosses, which gives players a non-stop, captivating thrill throughout the entire journey. Packed with action from start to finish, you are sure to encounter various deadly tasks along the way! Explore the strange world, obtain new weapons, master challenging boss battles, and above all — persevere and push through this bullet-hell adventure!

We’re excited for you to take part in Itta’s quest to seek answers, take on the harrowing wrath of the monstrous creatures along the way, and stay alive in this beautiful, yet deadly realm. Stay up-to-date with the release of ITTA and wishlist it on Steam now!


ITTA is an upcoming twin-stick bullet hell adventure for desktop about a little girl searching for answers in a deadly world.

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