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Feb 21st, 2017

Coming Soon: The Big Journey

A tilt-based casual adventure for players of all ages, about good food, good friends, and hungry blue kitties.

Armor Games Studios is proud to announce that in early 2017, our fuzzy family will be growing a bit with the addition of The Big Journey. Developed by Catfishbox and releasing first on iOS with other platforms to follow, The Big Journey is a roly poly physics-based platforming adventure starring Mr. Whiskers… a snuggly, squishy blue cat who loves to eat dumplings more than anything else. When the man who makes the best dumplings in the world goes missing, Mr. Whiskers sets out to bring his buddy home, and travels across the land in the process.

The Big Journey website

The Big Journey press kit

The Big Journey is designed to be an all-ages game, as friendly and accessible for kids as it is gorgeous and relaxing for adults. To play, tilt your device or use the onscreen buttons to rotate the world and roll and jump Mr. Whiskers around, or tilt your device. Each new location you travel to has friends to find (including a familiar face!), bugs and dumplings to eat, baddies to avoid, and optional objectives to complete. Add in an original soundtrack and beautiful storybook visuals, and you have a recipe for one delicious adventure… assuming you like bugs and dumplings, that is. And really… who doesn’t? It’s a taste sensation!

For more about The Big Journey, visit the official website, and follow Armor Games on Facebook and Twitter.

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