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Jul 9th, 2019

Coming Soon: Don't Escape Trilogy

Coming July 29th, the eerie point-and-click trilogy that started it all, compiled and preserved for Steam.

Earlier this year, veteran indie developer scriptwelder released Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive. The point-and-click adventure, about a post-apocalyptic mystery and prophetic dreams, has quickly become a hit with both players and critics. But that’s not where the series began. Fans have asked for a way to collect and compile the original three web games, and now we’re happy to say they’ll soon be able to.

Coming July 29th to Steam for $4.99, Don’t Escape Trilogy is an anthology of the original three standalone games in scriptwelder’s cult classic series, preserved on Steam. Learn more about Don’t Escape Trilogy and wishlist it on Steam!

Played by millions around the world since the first game released in 2013, the Don’t Escape games took a popular formula, the escape-the-room genre, and inverted it. Instead of finding a way out, you were trying to keep yourself securely in. Each atmospheric point-and-click title is a self-contained story. In the first Don’t Escape, players are a werewolf, and must think creatively to lock themselves inside a remote cabin to protect the townsfolk. In Don’t Escape 2, the player needs to fortify against a zombie horde, while also contending with the fact that their friend has been bitten. And in Don’t Escape 3, players awaken on a seemingly abandoned spaceship with no memories, but haunting visions give a warning.

The Don’t Escape Trilogy for Steam doesn’t contain any new content, but it does preserve the original web games in one package for fans, and includes Steam achievements. (The original games will always be free online for as long as the platform supports them.) If you’re looking to complete your collection of scriptwelder’s series on Steam, or if you’ve played Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive and are looking to experience the rest, this is a way for you to do so while supporting the developer. We hope you’ll consider checking out the Don’t Escape Trilogy when it releases later this summer!

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