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Oct 11th, 2018

Coming October 18: Crush the Castle: Siege Master

On October 18th, the iconic series of trebuchet-based physics puzzle destruction comes first to iOS with an all new installment.

The physics projectile puzzler that started it all returns with more smashing trebuchet action.

Launching for free on October 18 for iOS devices, and available now for pre-order to enable automatic download when available, Crush the Castle: Siege Master gives players another opportunity to embrace the cathartic power of structural carnage and a really, really big trebuchet.

The king has sold off all of the royal army to fuel his loot box addiction and you must use the only tool left - your trusty trebuchet - to fend off the invaders trying to take over the kingdom. From rolling green fields to deep deserts and beyond, smash into the enemy strongholds and take out its treasonous inhabitants.

Here’s just a small taste of what you can expect when Crush the Castle: Siege Master launches:

KINGDOMS WILL FALL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Topple enemy structures and reclaim your kingdom. Tap once to swing your trebuchet, tap again to hurl its ammo. If your aim is true, you’ll smash into the enemy fortress and send it flying.

THE ART OF WAR Utilize powerful projectiles and unique power-ups to smash your way across vibrant maps filled with intricate structures to destroy and disarmingly adorable baddies to crush.

UNLOCK SPECIAL PROJECTILES As the obstacles become more elaborate, so does your ammunition. Boulders getting boring? Fill that castle with massive hooks and yank it to pieces, or set the entire thing ablaze with a well-timed shot and some powerful missiles.

DID WE MENTION THE TREBUCHET? Catapults get all the glory, but can they use a counterweight to launch a 90 kilogram projectile over 300 meters? No. No they can’t. The trebuchet is the greatest medieval siege engine of the middle ages, and now it’s yours to enjoy anywhere, anytime, in the palm of your hand.

You can preorder Crush the Castle: Siege Master now! Don’t worry, it’s still free, but this way it will download automatically for you on October 18!

Crush the Castle: Siege Master

Smash your way across maps filled with tantalizing structures to topple and baddies to crush.

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