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Jun 30th, 2021

Announcing: The Tartarus Key

Escape certain demise in a house of horrors by solving puzzles and forming alliances in The Tartarus Key--a thrilling new adventure by Vertical Reach.

Armor Games Studios is pleased to announce their publishing of The Tartarus Key, an upcoming horror adventure game by Vertical Reach. In this haunting title, you play as Alex Young, who has awoken in an unfamiliar dark mansion full of secrets, horrors, and certain doom. As she solves puzzles to escape this labyrinth, she discovers she is not alone, and the other captives need your help to survive.

Inspired by the look and feel of classic horror games, The Tartarus Key seeks to tell a bone-chilling story free of jumpscares and chase sequences. Depending on how you explore the mansion, there are three different endings for Alex’s story. How the story ends for her and the other captives is entirely up to you.

Learn more about The Tartarus Key on Steam, and wishlist the game for future updates.

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