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Nov 13th, 2021

Announcing: The Spirit and the Mouse

Play as a tiny mouse with a big heart in this upcoming adventure game by Alblune!

Armor Games Studios is pleased to announce we are officially publishing Alblune’s The Spirit and the Mouse! In this game, you play as Lila—a tiny mouse with a big heart! After a shocking thunderstorm brings them together, unlikely allies Lila the mouse and Lumion the Spirit guardian must work in tandem to restore balance to the quaint village of Sainte-et-Claire. Over the course of her journey, she must search every nook and cranny of this world to complete objectives and find collectibles, help restore the villagers’ electricity, and befriend lively spirits called Kibblins. It’s the kind of kind-hearted, cozy adventure game everyone will love.

About the Author

Catherine Litvaitis

As our Community and Marketing Manager, Catherine’s love for games and the people who play them is matched only by her love for early 2000’s virtual pet websites.