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May 5th, 2020

Announcing: SOLAS

A synthwave-infused puzzle experience from Amicable Animal

It started with a glitch in the darkness. An ancient mechanism of peculiar purpose calling out. A puzzle of synths, shattered neon, and intricate interlocking systems. Only you can fix it, so relax, and remember: everything is connected. Armor Games Studios is pleased to announce their publishing of SOLAS, an upcoming PC puzzle game by Amicable Animal. Wishlist SOLAS on Steam!

SOLAS is a synthwave-infused puzzle game about directing pulses of light through a dark and damaged landscape. Synchronize the rhythmic movement of sprawling, neon clockwork as you learn to understand the rules of this broken world and the strange glyphs that control it.

Crafted by one-man team Amicable Animal and with a synthwave-inspired soundtrack by Jamesy Downie, SOLAS aims to be a unique, relaxing-yet-challenging experience. Designed from the ground up to be colourblind-friendly by default, SOLAS’ distinctive glyphs also form the basis of its unique aesthetic, while contrast sliders allow players to tune the game to their specific needs. Furthermore, SOLAS communicates through its design and abstract symbolism, inviting players of all languages to enjoy the same experience.

We hope you’ll head on over to Steam to check SOLAS out, and add it to your wishlist for updates and notifications.

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Sean McKenzie

Sean’s been on the art, design and programming sides of games, and now helps developers build and share their dream games as our Director of Production.