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Sep 6th, 2019

Announcing: Soda Dungeon 2

The sequel to everyone's favorite laid-back dungeon crawler from AN Productions and artist Pox Power is on the way.

Feeling a little parched? Thirsty for something sugary and… loot-y? Well bottoms up, my friend, because Armor Games Studios is pleased to announce Soda Dungeon 2. Developed by AN Productions and artist Pox Power, it’s a laid-back, pixel art dungeon crawling free-to-play RPG with tongue firmly in cheek. The game is set to release in 2020, for iOS, Android, and Steam. Learn more about Soda Dungeon 2 and wishlist it on Steam!

Originally released in 2015, the original Soda Dungeon has been played by millions of people all around the world on different platforms, and is buouyed by a passionate community to this day. In it, players find themselves running a tavern next to a seemingly endless dungeon, and they can hire adventurers lured by the irresistably delicious types of soda on tap to go questing for them. Through classic turn-based combat (or the optional auto-battle feature), players fight until their party is wiped out, and they can return to the tavern to purchase upgrades, hire different adventurers and equip them, and more.

Soda Dungeon sports a cross-platform save feature that allows you to take your game with you wherever you went and a focus on player experience that means no annoying timers or paywalls. Kotaku’s Mike Fahey called it “balanced squarely in the players’ favor.” Touch Arcade’s Shaun Musgrave said, “Give it a try, and you’ll find it can be just as hard to stop as real soda can be.”

Soda Dungeon 2 aims to keep everything fans love, while adding in piles of new content and some of the most requested features. This time around, you’ll be able to craft weapons, build new structures alongside your tavern, customize character AI, and many more surprises! While the game won’t be out until next year, you can follow development on Twitter, wishlist Soda Dungeon 2 on Steam, and keep an eye out on the official Twitter account for beta opportunities to play early and provide feedback. Now… who’s up for another round?

Soda Dungeon 2

Quench your thirst for loot in this free-to-play dungeon crawling RPG.

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