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Nov 5th, 2021

Announcing: Islets

Reunite a fragmented world in this surprisingly wholesome metroidvania by solo developer Kyle Thompson.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with solo developer Kyle Thompson on the upcoming wholesome metroidvania Islets! In this game, you play as hopeful warrior Iko as he seeks to connect a series of floating islands and make the world whole again. To meet this goal, he must make connections with those around him and defeat monstrous adversaries.

As each island’s magnetic core is reignited, the game’s areas expand and reveal new paths for Iko to explore. Islets features a cast of charming characters to befriend, a gorgeous painterly art style, and loads of secrets and hidden challenges to discover.

About the Author

Catherine Litvaitis

As our Community and Marketing Manager, Catherine’s love for games and the people who play them is matched only by her love for early 2000’s virtual pet websites.