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Jan 20th, 2022

Announcing: Bilkins’ Folly

A boy. His dog. An ominous family secret. And a hunger for treasure.

Exciting news, treasure hunters: Armor Games Studios will be publishing Webbysoft’s upcoming adventure game Bilkins’ Folly! This game tells the story of Percival “Percy” Bilkins, a treasure hunter on a quest to learn the truth behind his mother and grandfather’s mysterious disappearances. Together with his beloved family dog Drayton, he must explore a series of islands, expand his ship’s crew, and discover a big family secret that will change his life forever.

The world of Bilkins’ Folly is vibrant and full of personality. Throughout your travels, you’ll run into the islands’ many quirky inhabitants. If you treat them poorly, they’ll never forget it, but if you leave a good impression, they might even just join your growing crew. These islands also are home to excellent fishing spots, treasure hunting contests, and a variety of charming minigames.

Oh, and yeah, you can pet the dog in this game too.

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Catherine Litvaitis

As our Community and Marketing Manager, Catherine’s love for games and the people who play them is matched only by her love for early 2000’s virtual pet websites.