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Feb 22nd, 2018

Announcement: Twin-Stick Bullet-Hell Adventure ITTA

In development by Glass Revolver for desktop, ITTA is a hardcore blend of twin-stick shooting action and adventure with a blend of hope and horror.

Armor Games Studios is proud to announce ITTA, an upcoming twin-stick shooter and adventure from indie developer Glass Revolver. In development for desktop, ITTA, available now to wishlist on Steam, follows its titular protagonist after she wakes up to discover her family has been murdered and she is alone in a bizarre post-post-apocalyptic world. Armed with her father’s revolver and guided by a mysterious floating cat, Itta sets out for answers. Along the way, she will go toe-to-toe with dozens of powerful bosses in bullet-hell style battles that will test your skills. Discover new weapons, aid people in your travels, and uncover the secrets and mysteries of the island in a nuanced narrative of both beauty and brutality. ITTA is Glass Revolver’s first commercial title.


ITTA is an upcoming twin-stick bullet hell adventure for desktop about a little girl searching for answers in a deadly world.

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Dora Breckinridge

After nearly a decade as an indie gaming journalist, Dora brings her passion for games and the people who make them to Armor Games Studios as one of our producers.