The Spirit and the Mouse – Play as a tiny mouse with a big heart

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September 26, 2022
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Even the smallest creatures can make a big change.

After a shocking thunderstorm brings them together, unlikely allies Lila the mouse and Lumion the Spirit guardian must work in tandem to restore balance to their quaint village. Thankfully, Lila has a big heart and electrifying new powers to aid her on this journey. Guide her through a heartwarming adventure across Sainte-et-Claire to befriend playful electric spirits called Kibblins and illuminate this village once more.

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Explore Sainte-et-Claire
Explore Sainte-et-Claire
Discover the secrets of a quaint French town at your own pace from the perspective of a tiny mouse!
Use Electricity Powers
Use Electricity Powers
Zap your way through the world around you, solve character-driven puzzles, and bring the villagers’ stories to life.
Do Good Deeds
Do Good Deeds
Help the troubled local villagers by going on quests and placating the mischievous Kibblins through charming mini-games.

About The Game

An easy-going adventure

The Spirit and the Mouse is a kind-hearted adventure game that has you searching every nook and cranny of this world to complete objectives and collect items to aid you in your humble quest to assist those in need. Listen to the villagers’ woes, then find the Kibblins who are running amok in order to fix the village’s newfound problems.


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About The Developer

Alblune is a two-person indie game studio composed of Lucie Lescuyer and Alexandre Stroukoff. With a decade of experience in the industry across AAA, console, mobile, and indie games, the duo founded Albune to develop The Spirit and the Mouse together. Albune aims to create charming non-violent 3D worlds that players of all ages can immerse themselves in.