Snacko – Step into the paws of Momo and her best friend Mikan as they make a place they can call home.

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Two Big City Kitties Get Pretty Gritty

Step into the paws of former big city kitties named Momo and Mikan as they start a new life on a seemingly deserted island. Unravel its mysteries while you rebuild a community, farm, fish, and explore the island and beyond! As Momo, with Mikan's help, you will literally build your home and community from the ground up. And maybe you'll also find out the secret behind the island's past along the way... ?


Build & Farm
Build & Farm
Grow a farm, build a village, craft a home, and decorate it all to your heart's content.
Befriend and Interact
Befriend and Interact
Nurture your community and invite a crazy cast of characters to join you as you make a new life.
Explore and Discover
Explore and Discover
Go far beyond your farm to find new ingredients, new friends, and discover the island's dark history.

About The Game

An Island of Opportunity and Adventure

Snacko is full of turnips and fluffy cows, but there's adventure to be found just beyond the village border. Fight off nasty creatures, catch fish, delve into procedurally generated mines, explore (and maybe tame) the dangerous parts of the island. Bring your discoveries back to your farm to grow them across the seasons.

Your Village, Your Home

When you're ready to bring new folks to your island, you can post a job listing by choosing the manner of help you need, be it crafting, cooking, or something else entirely. Depending on the tone and words you use, you might get a sweet shopkeeper, a sassy blacksmith, and so on. Your actions will nurture your growing community and create a home where there wasn't one previously.


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About The Developer

Bluecurse Studios
A husband and wife duo dedicated to making cozy & fun games alongside their feline executive producers: Momo, Mikan, and Nobu
Bluecurse Studios