Love is Dead – A zombie puzzle with heart and brains.

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May 31st, 2018
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Love is Dead

Love conquers all... including death and several well established zombie tropes! After the end of the world, you and your fellow zombie paramor know that un-life isn't complete without the rest of your family. Namely, your cat and dog! In this bright, sweet, and wonderfully weird puzzle game, you'll control two freshly dead-and-loving it zombies, whose pronouns you can create or select yourself, through more than 300 levels, facing off against ghosts, pirates, other zombies, and much, much more in your quest for your own happily ever after.

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Creepy Meets Cute
Creepy Meets Cute
Meet a wide variety of critters and characters, some who will help and some who may not, all with a vibrant and unique style..
A Personal, Upbeat Story
A Personal, Upbeat Story
Select your pronouns and embark on a journey both weird and sweet with narration provided by a mysterious, guitar-playing traveler.
Dangerous and Exciting Encounters
Dangerous and Exciting Encounters
Whether you're triggering ancient traps, chasing pancake deer, or making beautiful art, your journey will be anything but typical.

About The Game

Travel the world and beyond.

Who says zombies only hang around graveyards? To find your pets you'll need to cover the globe, dealing with everything from man-eating jungle plants and ruthless pirates, to secret labs and more. You'll stop at nothing to reunite your family and bring your dog and cat home, but luckily for you, this is one of the most colorful, upbeat journeys you'll ever take, alive or dead.

Solve over 300 beautiful levels.

Wether its dodging ghosts across a graveyard full of crumbling tiles or racing away from boulder traps deep in the jungle, Love is Dead packs a variety of obstacles and surprises across all of its stages. Collect pancakes and family polaroids for 100% completion, and hone your puzzle-solving skills in real-time challenges, all with beautiful, bright art and and upbeat soundtrack.


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About The Developer

Curiobot, formerly krangGAMES, is a Canadian game development studio. We focus on high-quality experiences with an emphasis on emotional impact, usability, and inclusivity. And, of course, raw silly fun.