Crush the Castle: Siege Master – Smashing trebuchet goodness.

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Smash your way to victory.

In 2009, Crush the Castle introduced people to the joy of shattering things with a really, really big trebuchet. Well, the time has come to let boulders fly once again with Crush the Castle: Siege Master, an all-new, free 3D re-imagining of the series.

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A World to Destroy
A World to Destroy
Smash your way across maps filled with tantalizing structures to topple and baddies to crush.
Too Cute to Crush?
Too Cute to Crush?
Adorable and weird creatures and constructs bring the game to life with vibrant colors and design.
Addictive Property Damage
Addictive Property Damage
Utilize powerful projectiles and unique power-ups to smash intricate structures in spectacular fashion.

About The Game

A smashing good time.

In each stage, players are presented with a different structure in need of a good old fashioned topplin', and a bunch of baddies inside that need to be squished. Tap once to swing your trebuchet, and then again to hurl its ammo. If your aim is true, you'll smash into the enemy stronghold and send it flying... though you have limited chances in each stage to try.

The art and glee of war.

From rolling towers to mystical mages, as you journey across the maps you'll encounter a variety of different obstacles. Fortunately, you can earn special power-ups to get unique (and perhaps even magical!) pieces of ammunition. Boulders getting boring? Fill that castle with massive hooks and yank it to pieces! Earn the best score and use as few shots as possible to earn all three stars for a level.


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